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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Security services

Whether you are planning a business conference or VIP event, the security of your guests will be paramount. However what many people do not realise is that security is not a simple matter of sticking someone on the door of the premises. A lot of planning goes into security operations, which is why many companies choose to outsource the work to a specialist security company like Othalias Security.

Planning a private event for your business? Security should be at the top of your list of things to organise. We can make this easier for you by providing flexible and bespoke event security services.

Why hire security guards?
There are a number of reasons why you may want to hire security guards or close protection officers for your special event. A great reason is that it will ensure the safety of your guests, which will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the event. Another reason may be that it will prevent uninvited individuals from attending your event and ensure the night runs smoothly without any security-related hiccups.

Hiring security for your special event will also prevent guests from bringing in any contraband and prevent theft of items like coats, jackets and bags, which are often left in cloak rooms.

Services provided by special event security guards
Special event security guards provide a wide range of services including:
·         Monitoring guest list / approving entrance
·         Car park security
·         Cloakroom security
·         Arranging transport for guests unable to drive home
·         Giving first aid
·         Escorting trespassers / uninvited individuals from the premises

Benefits of hiring security for your special event
Aside from keeping your guests safe, which is obviously the main benefit of hiring security for your special event, it will also enhance your company’s level of professionalism. If you are hosting a special corporate event and have potential business partners, investors and associates on the guest list, having security will show them that you take your business seriously and genuinely care about their well being.

 Hiring security for your business event will take a load off your mind and allow you to enjoy yourself.

Another benefit of outsourcing security work to an event security company like Othalias Security is that it will save you time and effort. As we mentioned before, a lot of planning goes into securing an event, but we can take care of this for you. By outsourcing security to us, you can continue planning other aspects of your special event and leave us to attend to what we do best!

Why Othalias Security?
If you want the peace of mind that you are a hiring a reliable, expert and professional security company, look no further than Othalias Security. All of our security officers are licenced by the SIA, are CRB accredited and have been screened in compliance with the Security Industry Training Organisation. We have experience in all types of security operations and provide flexible services that prevent business clients from having to commit to lengthy contracts.

We understand that every business event is different, which is why we work closely with the client planning the event, to ensure that our security operations are tailored to meet their needs and requirements. No job is too big or small for our security officers.

Whether you are planning a high profile business conference or VIP corporate event, having a security team in place will give you the peace of mind that all of your guests will be safe and protect at all times. Othalias Security is more than happy to handle security proceedings on your behalf. Simply contact us today with your enquiry.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Allow Othalias Security to protect your world today the entitlement of change is here. Your business is our prime concern no jobs are too small for us. When you give us a call a person will speak with you no voice recordings.
Allow Othalias security services to provides you ultimate coverage  for your business today. Othalias security can ensure your clubs is not closed down by , police or council. Our first aim is to visit your club look at the security in operation then put action plan in place. Safety and customer care is our prime areas lay out of premises is very important but the real trick is to have right security in place to ensure smooth operation. Venue entry meeting and greeting of all visiting guests also full professional body search to ensure each guest safety is not at risk. Clicking in and out to ensure flow of customer run smoothly also ensure of no over crowding. Before any guest allowed in clients clubs, security supervisor carry out full venue inspection to ensure  safe for customers and staff. During venue operation door staff would be position at front of venue exits doors and other static areas of the building. We then have a four  man team that patrols venue periodically during party mode. Our guest is our priorities  and at times if they do have a brawl with each other during their party mode security team will calm situation down by speaking to parties. Any altercation  with guest the matter are investigated first before any drastic action is taken, also a fair decision will be made by the attending officers to ensure no person left feeling disgruntle. Customer care all person are treated with regards no matter circumstance attending security team will always listen also be very polite but assertive when necessary.
Othalias security team always  hailed by customers through the first hand experience they had when encounter by any officer during their visit to venue. Officers are helpful understanding also think before they carry out any action. All events we sit and plan out our protection strategy also prepare for the worst scenario that possible could happen. All security staff are highly trained , some are medics on site to enable customer safety also loyal to their customer confidential matters brought before them.
Allow othalias security to protect your world today do not stand for second best when you could be ahead of all your competitors. Allow you guest to be treated as an individuals ensure your business have the right security or the council will close you down. Give Othalias security a call today and your business will be in the right care. Visit for our contact details